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A Day the Green Cleaning Business

on March 15, 2012

Yesterday we began cleaning our clients house when I received a text from my daughter in California stating that my mom & dad’s office got broken into.  As I was departing from the job, the man of the house appeared with a gratuity.  We spoke about things, including music, my first love.  Because I am rapidly becoming an old coger, I talked and talked until my client had to take a seat on the nearest wall.  Finally, I’m sure to my clients relief, I took off.  As I was driving down the Old Pecos Trail I was flagged down by a sole, young, 9 year old boy in a t-shirt!!  Because you never know what the heck is going on, I pulled over however locked my doors, letting the boy approach to a partially open window.  He began to quiver and explain that he had been dropped off at school erronously because the school was locked and no-one was there.  It became quickly clear that the young boy on the side of the road in a t-shirt flagging down a stranger was in sincere distress.  I got the dad’s number and called.  Dad of course freaked out a bit.  I simply did my God entrusted duty and hung out with the young boy until dad arrived.

Then on the way in to the office I stopped at a used book store and purchased $20 worth of used music books with my extra winnings from the job.  Later while doing some banking I found out that a young 33 year old teller that I had known for years had passed away from a massive heart-attack while in a banking meeting.  I was shocked for about 3 minutes and then right there in the bank began to cry.  I asked my teller for some kleenex.  They were best friends and the teller was holding back his emotions.

Anyhow, onward through the day, I made a last minute appearance at my daughters new school to shore up details.  Did I say last minute?  Deadline was tomorrow and no-one was at the school save one last staff member who was pulling out of the parking lot.  She actually noticed me in the lot and pulled back in, unlocked the school doors, copied everything I needed and made sure all the (did I say last minute?), paperwork was handled.

Then  shopped for cleaning supplies, took nap and played 3 songs at the open-mic in the evening.  Got home at 11pm… kind of dizzy.  Yep, just another day in the green cleaning business!!!


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