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Working Sunday

Working today!  =-O


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Testing Sfgc’s WP / Twitter connection



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Wow, busy

Not sure why, how or whatever but super busy!!  Main differences in “strategy” (if that is not too sophisticated of a word for what I’m doing…), 1) No print ads!!  2) Offering special on windows, clients only, April, March… so cancellations of regular clients actually becomes more lucrative.  This spring have had the good fortune of some word of mouth generating business.


Remember:  Cleaning is a never-ending-process.  Have a great day!!!


Peace and Dusty Love.

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Ok.  In the feeble attempt to educate myself about blogs, I understand they are successful if you make an entry at least once per day.  I simply have not been able to do that.  My plan is to actually wake up earlier in the morning and comment, blog, post to all my sites, myspaces and facebooks… arrrgh!

Cleaning in spring is pretty good.  Lots of business in spring.  Realizing that how it pans out in fall ie; how many spring clients become regular clients is vital.  Also, lately have been able to fill in cancellation days with big  jobs.  :0)

Hope to blog regularly.  We, the small but devoted Sfgc team appreciate our clients and the team work is what makes these jobs successful.

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New Frontiers

Basically heavily getting into window cleaning this spring.  Also, Earth Day, Sunday, I believe on of the biggest jobs we have had in a while.  Breaking a lot of “rules” to get there.  Yep, I’m just a cleaning rebel!!  Peace.

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Do you have the device that plays those?

Yesterday I was buying some lp’s at the rummage sale for my daughter’s school.  Just trying to help out, stay involved, be a good person, do the right thing and so on.  It just so happened the head of the school was standing there as I was checking out.  He looked a little excited, his eyes got pretty big and he exclaimed, “do you have the device that plays those?”.  At that point I think I even detected a bead of sweat on his forehead.  It has become one of those moments that your not sure if it really happened or it was a dream.

A slow depression has been setting in ever since that simple innocent question.  I mean, I’m not just plain old, I’m really, really, really old.  The head of the school is, well, school age compared to me.

By the way, that device, invented in 1877, by Thomas Edison, is called a phonograph, commonly known as a record player or turntable, originally called a gramophone.  In fact the Grammys are named after the original gramophone.  For more dinosaur news about record player devices follow this blog.


Managing Three Blogs

My dear huge fan base of… none.  Please forgive me for not blogging on Sfgc’s blog more often.  I know you miss the heck out of me and await hungrily for every ounce of my wisdom, wether about cleaning or not.  Anyhow, not much is happening, well actually I have to go design some Sfgc postcards to drum up some more business so I can’t stay and chat.  Hang in there be good.  Don’t be bad.  Peace.

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