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Do you have the device that plays those?

on April 15, 2012

Yesterday I was buying some lp’s at the rummage sale for my daughter’s school.  Just trying to help out, stay involved, be a good person, do the right thing and so on.  It just so happened the head of the school was standing there as I was checking out.  He looked a little excited, his eyes got pretty big and he exclaimed, “do you have the device that plays those?”.  At that point I think I even detected a bead of sweat on his forehead.  It has become one of those moments that your not sure if it really happened or it was a dream.

A slow depression has been setting in ever since that simple innocent question.  I mean, I’m not just plain old, I’m really, really, really old.  The head of the school is, well, school age compared to me.

By the way, that device, invented in 1877, by Thomas Edison, is called a phonograph, commonly known as a record player or turntable, originally called a gramophone.  In fact the Grammys are named after the original gramophone.  For more dinosaur news about record player devices follow this blog.


2 responses to “Do you have the device that plays those?

  1. Valerie says:

    Ok….I want to respond, I consider myself “well seasoned” (please never call me old). Yesterday you sent me an e-mail to check out your link that had this story. I found it very funny/sad/depressing. I sent you an email back with my response. Last night I was telling Michael (my “distinguishly seasoned” husband) about your email. I even using proper words, “oh David sent me a funny story today…on his BLOG. ”
    I was feeling very “hip” at that point. He also saw the humor in the story.
    Anyway… I decided last night to post this comment but I do have one question….Am I now offically tweeting????? I am really trying to embrace everything. I have started texting….I may consider obtaining my own cell phone at some point so I don’t have to share one with Michael. I have officially looked up a kid on FACEBOOK over the weekend to contact his mother so I could let her know what a creep her son has been to Danielle at school. Apparently in today’s public school releasing a child’s home phone number so the parents can talk is against the child’s
    Privacy Rights”….O.M.G.
    But …. yes… I do know what a lp is and the “device” used to play them. Believe me….today as I laugh ….I am not feeling old at all. I am feeling superior.

    Now please….if I have offically tweeted, tweet me back. But send me an email so I will know you tweeted.

  2. You have officially responded to a blog my love.

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