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I guess it is a time of change.  I can feel the need for it bursting at the seams and yet I resist it with all of  my concious being.  Strange.  I guess I am old enough to force my hand a bit and simply resign to welcoming the inevitable change with jovial and open arms, deep inside, knowing that it is the best, most true path that my life can take.

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A new week

Yikes.  Every year the spring cleaning rush is different.  Last year it began late and went into September, even October.  This year it’s already looking like it is subsiding.  A new week begins new challenges.  Am interviewing a new person this morning.  Regular crew is fading out a bit.  This has got to be one of the toughest jobs ever.  Who wouldn’t prefer to do something else?  Here are some links to our web presence if you are so inclined.

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Gift from client. 


It I a garden seat or something like that… new songwritng throne for me.

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