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I think I need a massage

on August 14, 2012

Today, a virtual day off of work.  Productive?  Probably not as as I would like.  I have this odd thing of stacking or preparing to do various different tasks and then when the time is right I get a lot done in a short amount of time.  So before I go to the open mic tonight, I haven’t been in so long, I may crank out some chores.

A slight headache has slowed me down considerably today.  I used to just pop a couple of Alieve, Advil or whatever but I only do that after it’s clear that the pain is not subsiding over a good portion of a day or so.  Also, for some reason over the last few months I thought that I did not need any days of extra sleep.  Wrong.  Some days I have to sleep in.

In all actuality, on my days off I kind of feel like this blob of somebody that can’t do much.  I ache all over and feel foggy headed.  Completely the opposite of my days on; dialed in, clean shaven, pressed and on time.  I had this dream that I was getting a massage that seemed to last for hours.  I think I need a massage.



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