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How much are you REALLY paying for cleaning?

on August 22, 2012

Early in my cleaning career I was listening to a potential client explain that they were going to keep their current cleaner… after all they have used them for years.  Then the potential client went on to explain a couple of times how some valuables went missing… and then they located them in some obscure corner of their closet where they would have never put them… I noticed them perspiring… then the went on to explain that they were never able to locate a strand of Black Pearls.

I started doing some math and then added in a little for the time and worry. I realized that the potential client was paying quite a bit more than we would charge them.  Why?  Because we are honest, on-time, insured and bonded!  Our cleaning culture has no interest in you, your personal life, your personal effects and so on.  We ARE interested in cleaning your living / work space so that when you enter you feel refreshed.

We DO remain courteous and converse enough to help our client feel good, at ease and comfortable.  (We are lucky to have enlightened, appreciative, positive clients!).  Then we buckle down and get to work!!  We use Green Seal Certified and Green Guard Certified Products that leave no oppressive odor.  We leave your home smelling fresh and CLEAN! :0)

How much are you REALLY paying for cleaning?

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