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Stand in Service

on September 2, 2012

Santa Fe Green Cleaning is advancing it’s reach into Santa Fe, even through the competition,we are being bold, acquiring new accounts, domestic and commercial.  We are offering a new Lean Green Clean service which focuses on the kitchen and bathrooms of a home while sweeping through the other rooms.  This gives Sfgc clients an opportunity to experience our service at a savings.  Commercial account in the offing is The Children’s Museum.

As odd of a focus for a business as it may be, we try to attract clients who are appreciative and respectful to their cleaners.  We as a culture suffer from what I call the Cinderella Syndrome.  Because cleaning is never really done it leaves the door open for clients to nit-pick until the end of time.  “Re-scrub the floor!”  The reversal of that attitude will be a cultural healing event.

We as cleaners also have to watch our own attitude.  Remain respectful, objective and do our job.  We have to put our own health first so we can offer a star studded cleaning service.  Stand in service at all times to your clients and potential clients.

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