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Dukes of Hazard

on September 3, 2012

Unfortunately there are undesirable hazards of being a cleaner;

1) Breaking things.

2) Securing premise.

3) Leaving cleaning supplies behind.

4) Being available and in contact with client but not too much.  It can be a fine line between being available and in contact with a client and not in contact enough with client.

5) Combining the need to work with the clients payment plan.

6) Intrusive behavior.  You want your cleaners to feel relaxed enough that they are motivated to do a good job but hopefully the conversation among the staff during the job is not intrusive.

7) Level of concern.  Often there is quite a disparity between what you as a cleaner may be concerned about and what the client is concerned about.

We are in the most personal space of our clients and it is important to do the best job we can and remain courteous, as invisible and as quick as possible.

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