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8 Days of the Week

on October 8, 2012

Wow.  Last week felt like 8 days… or the Never Ending Week.  It’s all resolved but the week started with a water line which began leaking behind a refrigerator of the home we were cleaning.  This went undetected for a while, then as the kitchen floor was flooding, we discovered the leak and also discovered that the shut off valve was inoperable.  The client was a departing renter and deferred me by phone to the owner who managed to be entirely unavailable.  Finally my guy came in like a super-hero and totally handled the situation but it wasn’t free so it chunk-chewed into the days take.  This was one of those jobs where everyone was reasonably miserable and unhappy with most of what was happening including the cleaning.  Actually the renter put in the only good word at the end of the 11 hour day and thank goodness for that.  “I think you guys did a great job” he said.  Anyhow, the last time I worked that hard for that little amount of mullah was probably when I pulled weeds for my mom as a kid or when I bagged groceries in Dallas at 17.

Honestly though, no-one on the scene was the least bit concerned about my problems.  Seriously.  I am busting a move to make peoples lives a bit more tolerable but sometimes cleaning really doesn’t pay.


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