A State-of-the-Art Cleaning Service for your Home & Office


on November 14, 2012

November and all the winter months in Santa Fe can be challenging in terms of cleaning.  It is cold and possibly snowy.  We have learned to be flexible at every level of business right down to the detail of where we set up our work station.  Yes we set up a work station at every job.  We have a table with our Green Seal Certified cleaning products, our rags, 4 in 1 tools, caddy’s, our Green Guard Certified floor cleaning products, our screens, our majic sponges, our high-tech vacuums, and so on; I am not expecting you to know what all of these cleaning product are, in fact we are at the point that our method and product combinations are somewhat secret.  We worked for years developing a system / product combination to take away some of the cleaning complication that exists with clients who may want to micro-manage their cleaning crew.  Again, we are flexible and will meet our clients at the threshold of their requests however, before that we are professionals and do know, if nothing else, from experience, what it takes to get a living / work space clean.  I mean really clean.


We all have cleaning peeves.  One may want to manage those themselves and let us take care of the basics; dusting, (important), living surfaces, (counter tops, kitchen and bathroom sinks, table tops and so on), and then floors, carpets and commodes.  Our system has proven itself over and over to be the choice of the savvy client who is completely aware that cleaning is a process and rarely perfect.  The savvy client who knows that with determination and a positive, caring attitude, a supreme quality of life can be achieved.

Consider the importance of your living space.  Consider the investment.  We have flexible rates that are derived from a combination of the basic cleaning process and the frequency of cleaning.

“WONDERFUL” – Jim 2012

Call us at 505-310-3653 for a FREE estimate.  Visit us on the web at, or on twitter @sfgc01.


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