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Healthy Cleaning Rhythm

on December 13, 2012

The nugget of any cleaning job is a healthy cleaning rhythm.  In fact, the only way to get a nice nugget for your work is to have a healthy cleaning rhythm.  Honor your needs, your rhythm, your ability to feel good and make money.  Healthy boundaries are vital to survival in every aspect of life.  It is no different in the cleaning business.  Here is the deal:  you need to be able to take full advantage of the familiarity with the job.  Our society diminishes the value of our individual time.  Our individual time is essential to survival.  If you squander the time you have to yourself that is a different issue.

If  you squander the opportunity to take advantage of a healthy cleaning rhythm, then again, we have a different issue.  Our time is one of the most valuable resources that we have.  It is our chance to improve and move forward.  Our society encourages and perpetuates throwing our time away like garbage.  Santa Fe Green Cleaning has yet to work a job for pay by the hour.  We get paid by the job.  Your client will have no problem if you stay beyond your scheduled time to do extra work.  Your sub-job is to assure that your client has no problem when you leave before your scheduled time.  Oh… and make sure they pay you the full cleaning amount.  Without this leverage there is little advantage or motivation to running a cleaning business.  Maybe any business.

When you are familiar with the job you will expend less energy, possibly less time to get more work done producing a result of a super clean environment for your client.  If your client is giving you lists of different stuff to do with each cleaning then a healthy cleaning rhythm will become impossible to achieve.  We actually charge per item for lists.  We very rarely stay late to accomplish tasks on a list.  Generally our clients do not give us lists.

Do your clients care if you succeed?  We are succeeding.  We are Santa Fe Green Cleaning.  Visit us on the web at .  Call 505-310-3653 for a free estimate.



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