A State-of-the-Art Cleaning Service for your Home & Office


on February 19, 2013

Santa Fe Green Cleaning is a strong, fast, agile company with potential for serious growth both locally and nationally.  Cleaning is somewhat of a paradoxical task.  Most people are clueless about cleaning but everyone thinks they are an expert.  Some do actually know and have imparted important, even foundational information that has helped Sfgc become the company that it is.  For the most part however, to stand in service to your client, you simply cannot do what they want.

Nobody wants to clean.  I guess nobody wants to wait tables either.  Service industry jobs are pretty tough and should be regarded with a bit more respect than they currently are.  Many on the receiving end are indignant, rude and just plain horrible when it comes to the treatment of service industry workers.  Many do not know how horrible they are being.  It’s simply their place in society to demand and it is the service workers place in society to submit and serve.

Sfgc’s clients are a mix of over-expectant, demanding types and amazing, completely respectful and understanding types.  One time I had to clean 4,000 sq. ft. by myself in 3 hours.  My client simply was super-appreciative and understanding of my end of the deal and not fraught with discontent about their end of the deal like many others have been.

Entitlement should not just refer to government programs but should refer to the capitalist, service for hire, spoiled adults we have become in today’s American economic system as well.



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