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Cleaninig can be creative & fun

Just wanted to make you laugh!!  Haha.  Really the truth is that we all must care for ourselves and cleaning can actually be fun and creative.  The easiest way to make cleaning fun is to turn on some great music that you love and clean in rhythm to the music.  I myself would need to give various bluetooth companies quite a bit of money for how much cleaning I have done while in conversation with friends and family.  Another important thing is to realize that there was, is and will always be cleaning that needs to be done every second of every day from now until forever.  It interesting to see how different surfaces clean.  Porcelain tile never seems to get completely clean!!  Granite often hides spills so you have to be a spill hunter when cleaning granite.  There is that unique satisfaction that comes from walking into your kitchen, or your home and seeing everything clean and organized!  Clean as you go is the simplest and best way to clean.

Good luck cleaning today, tomorrow and forever!!


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