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Cleaninig can be creative & fun

Just wanted to make you laugh!!  Haha.  Really the truth is that we all must care for ourselves and cleaning can actually be fun and creative.  The easiest way to make cleaning fun is to turn on some great music that you love and clean in rhythm to the music.  I myself would need to give various bluetooth companies quite a bit of money for how much cleaning I have done while in conversation with friends and family.  Another important thing is to realize that there was, is and will always be cleaning that needs to be done every second of every day from now until forever.  It interesting to see how different surfaces clean.  Porcelain tile never seems to get completely clean!!  Granite often hides spills so you have to be a spill hunter when cleaning granite.  There is that unique satisfaction that comes from walking into your kitchen, or your home and seeing everything clean and organized!  Clean as you go is the simplest and best way to clean.

Good luck cleaning today, tomorrow and forever!!


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A State-of-the-Art Home & Office Cleaning Company

A State-of-the-Art Home & Office Cleaning Company

We Care

We Care

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Live lean, live green, live clean.

Cleaning is some of the hardest work there is.  By many it is the least valued, the runt of  endeavors.  By few it is highly valued and valuable.  Take the time to visit your abode.  Cleaning is a process, not a destination.  Take the time to clean as you go.  Even a little will help.  Be good to yourself, learn to love your self.  Use products that don’t pollute, that do not harm your kids.  It’s amazing what water by itself will clean.  Even so, waste not.  Live lean, live green, live clean.


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Are you in need of cleaning?

Below are photos of yesterdays job set up.  We are professional, on-time, American owned, English speaking, insured & bonded.  We are honest, honorable, hardworking and personable.  We stand in service.   We appreciate the opportunity to help elevate our clients lives.  We are glad to be working.

Are you in need of cleaning?  Are you ready to live a clean, green life?  We can help. We do windows and carpets.

Call 505-310-3653 for a free estimate. or


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Santa Fe Green Cleaning is a strong, fast, agile company with potential for serious growth both locally and nationally.  Cleaning is somewhat of a paradoxical task.  Most people are clueless about cleaning but everyone thinks they are an expert.  Some do actually know and have imparted important, even foundational information that has helped Sfgc become the company that it is.  For the most part however, to stand in service to your client, you simply cannot do what they want.

Nobody wants to clean.  I guess nobody wants to wait tables either.  Service industry jobs are pretty tough and should be regarded with a bit more respect than they currently are.  Many on the receiving end are indignant, rude and just plain horrible when it comes to the treatment of service industry workers.  Many do not know how horrible they are being.  It’s simply their place in society to demand and it is the service workers place in society to submit and serve.

Sfgc’s clients are a mix of over-expectant, demanding types and amazing, completely respectful and understanding types.  One time I had to clean 4,000 sq. ft. by myself in 3 hours.  My client simply was super-appreciative and understanding of my end of the deal and not fraught with discontent about their end of the deal like many others have been.

Entitlement should not just refer to government programs but should refer to the capitalist, service for hire, spoiled adults we have become in today’s American economic system as well.


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Call 505-310-3653 for a free estimate!

Santa Fe Green Cleaning is trusted throughout the city of Santa Fe.  We have a reputation of being on-time, thorough and honest.  It is not just 1 or 2 clients that trust Santa Fe Green Cleaning. We are trusted by law firms, real estate companies, educators and more.

Clients of Santa Fe Green Cleaning appreciate having a professional, trusted cleaning company that uses with Green Seal & Green Guard Certified products which leave no toxic odors.

We love their clients but often never see them!

To make matters better, we do the job in half the time of any other cleaning company in town!

Would you like to have a cleaning company that is reliable, honest, fast and thorough?  A cleaning company that uses certified products combined with State-of-the-Art vacuum equipmentThen call Santa Fe Green Cleaning at 505-310-3653 for a free estimate.

Please visit us online at or

Call 505-310-3653 for a free estimate!

clean house

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I appreciate it so much.

We received this email yesterday:

“I am finally getting a chance to check in, and say THANK YOU! you did a lovely job. definitely move-in ready, and so easy.  I appreciate it so much.”

Outdoor Sign

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Healthy Cleaning Rhythm

The nugget of any cleaning job is a healthy cleaning rhythm.  In fact, the only way to get a nice nugget for your work is to have a healthy cleaning rhythm.  Honor your needs, your rhythm, your ability to feel good and make money.  Healthy boundaries are vital to survival in every aspect of life.  It is no different in the cleaning business.  Here is the deal:  you need to be able to take full advantage of the familiarity with the job.  Our society diminishes the value of our individual time.  Our individual time is essential to survival.  If you squander the time you have to yourself that is a different issue.

If  you squander the opportunity to take advantage of a healthy cleaning rhythm, then again, we have a different issue.  Our time is one of the most valuable resources that we have.  It is our chance to improve and move forward.  Our society encourages and perpetuates throwing our time away like garbage.  Santa Fe Green Cleaning has yet to work a job for pay by the hour.  We get paid by the job.  Your client will have no problem if you stay beyond your scheduled time to do extra work.  Your sub-job is to assure that your client has no problem when you leave before your scheduled time.  Oh… and make sure they pay you the full cleaning amount.  Without this leverage there is little advantage or motivation to running a cleaning business.  Maybe any business.

When you are familiar with the job you will expend less energy, possibly less time to get more work done producing a result of a super clean environment for your client.  If your client is giving you lists of different stuff to do with each cleaning then a healthy cleaning rhythm will become impossible to achieve.  We actually charge per item for lists.  We very rarely stay late to accomplish tasks on a list.  Generally our clients do not give us lists.

Do your clients care if you succeed?  We are succeeding.  We are Santa Fe Green Cleaning.  Visit us on the web at .  Call 505-310-3653 for a free estimate.


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Cleaning is personal

Cleaning is personal.  Being someone’s personal assistant is different than being someone’s professional cleaner.  How are those boundaries established?  My personal assessment of the overall situation in Santa Fe, New Mexico is that very often the clients of cleaners can be beginning, middle and end of a demise in the service that they so seek.  First and foremost, if your cleaner is not making enough money then game over.  Are you wondering why your cleaning crew are unenthusiastic, late, slow and otherwise lousy?  If you do not value the service with your checkbook then you will always receive sub-par service.


Secondly, cleaners are not servants.  It seems that being a personal assistant could be a lucrative profession.  For whatever reason, the lines between personal assistant and cleaner are VERY blurred.  I should take a moment to emphasize that Santa Fe Green Cleaning clients are the ones who understand that our profession is cleaning and that we KNOW what to do.  In fact, the truth be told, we more often than not, know what to do better than our clients.  No question though, a good team effort is always in order.


The ironic and even comical side of the story is that the client who directly creates an impossible situation for their cleaners, then complains rabidly.  It’s surreal how often this happens.  So here is my advice:  chill out, let us do our job, pay us well and appreciate the work we do.  Cleaning, after all is already pretty low on the totem of jobs.  Try to be appreciative.


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November and all the winter months in Santa Fe can be challenging in terms of cleaning.  It is cold and possibly snowy.  We have learned to be flexible at every level of business right down to the detail of where we set up our work station.  Yes we set up a work station at every job.  We have a table with our Green Seal Certified cleaning products, our rags, 4 in 1 tools, caddy’s, our Green Guard Certified floor cleaning products, our screens, our majic sponges, our high-tech vacuums, and so on; I am not expecting you to know what all of these cleaning product are, in fact we are at the point that our method and product combinations are somewhat secret.  We worked for years developing a system / product combination to take away some of the cleaning complication that exists with clients who may want to micro-manage their cleaning crew.  Again, we are flexible and will meet our clients at the threshold of their requests however, before that we are professionals and do know, if nothing else, from experience, what it takes to get a living / work space clean.  I mean really clean.


We all have cleaning peeves.  One may want to manage those themselves and let us take care of the basics; dusting, (important), living surfaces, (counter tops, kitchen and bathroom sinks, table tops and so on), and then floors, carpets and commodes.  Our system has proven itself over and over to be the choice of the savvy client who is completely aware that cleaning is a process and rarely perfect.  The savvy client who knows that with determination and a positive, caring attitude, a supreme quality of life can be achieved.

Consider the importance of your living space.  Consider the investment.  We have flexible rates that are derived from a combination of the basic cleaning process and the frequency of cleaning.

“WONDERFUL” – Jim 2012

Call us at 505-310-3653 for a FREE estimate.  Visit us on the web at, or on twitter @sfgc01.

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